Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta is the co-founder of Sudeva. A young entrepreneur and Solicitor by profession. He acts as the think tank of Sudeva along with helming the corporate affairs.

An alumnus of the prestigious Shriram College of Commerce, he later went on to do law from Cardiff University and established his practice as a successful solicitor in London before returning to his roots in 2009 with the intention to contribute to the world of sports. After returning to India he established a successful law firm, ANM Global Solicitors & Advocates, which has 6 offices in India, including offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Gurugram. His love for sports and his desire to make a positive change in the existing ecosystem drove him to create Sudeva.

He played as the center mid-fielder and also captained SRCC’s football team along with leading them to a university victory.

Vijay Hakari

Vijay Hakari is the co – founder of Sudeva . He is the inspirational and motivational half of Sudeva and acts as the backbone to the organisation.

His thrust area is the grassroots development program, where the real action takes place. In addition to this, he mentors and monitors the lifestyle of players. Keeping Yoga at the core of Sudeva and using a blend of ancient science and modern methods, he is directly involved in not just making great players but also great individuals.

An environmentalist (specialising in water recycling) he has successfully provided many water recycling solutions for government bodies.

A passionate footballer (striker) , marathon runner and martial artist he is driven by his single minded goal to create a world class sports environment for sudevans.