Grassroots Development

When we envisioned Sudeva, it was not only about making a successful academy/club but also about working towards creating an ecosystem that is competent enough to make a national team of international standard along with making football a viable career option for the youth of this country. A little over two years and in some ways we are inching towards it. We at Sudeva, work on the principle of ‘catch them young’. Our team regularly scouts for young talent from different parts of the country and aims to give them the best platform possible.

Through this system we are striving to produce not just quality players but also quality human beings. As football is getting bigger and bigger, channelization and utilization of resources and manpower in the right direction is becoming the need of the hour. In these times, rising above from the pedestal of clubs, associations and regional state teams has become imperative.

To raise the bar of Indian football, coming together and working at the grassroots level as a collective force is of utmost importance.

Building channels through a scouting system which is prolific at the same time efficient is what we are striving to do. Further, not just limiting ourselves to scouting our idea is to nurture and develop this talent. For this specific purpose we have come up with the Sudeva Sports Village, which is a full-fledged residential facility. After scouting, the whole idea is to develop this talent and give them a platform/facility that is self-sufficient in developing them to their full capacity. Sudeva Sports Village is a complete institution unto itself where overall development of the child is the priority.